Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sigh Styles Promotes - Origami Topiary by Rotessa

Hi.  I am back for another promotional post for an individual with an ingenious, visionary mind and skillfully adept hands.  This time it's for a close friend of mine.  Her name is Rotessa and she is the brains behind R2S Origami Creations.

This is the new creation of R2S Origami Creations by Rotessa.  
This is actually called an artificial topiary, but can also be called "origami topiary" as the flowers are in origami.  This is quite extraordinary as the ray florets are made of paper but the disc florets are actual lollipops ( I'm not promoting the brands of the lollipops).

 This origami topiary can actually be given as a unique gift or can be used as centerpieces for special gatherings like birthday parties with candy land or fairy land concepts.

You can order the exact style of origami topiary as in the pictures or you can have it customized according to your concept.

If you are interested to order this origami topiary, you can email me at and I will certainly connect you to Rotessa.  You can also directly contact Rotessa at this number 09235544641.

And you might have remembered my other  posts mentioning about R2S Origami Creations, do check out my posts HERE and HERE for their beautiful and crafty works.

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