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A Dozen Unfiltered Reasons Why Bangkok,Thailand Is Always My Place To Be

People nowadays have abundant, diverse resources that traveling outside one's home country has been a typical option for holidays or even for a long-weekend vacation.  And if you are from the Philippines, the accessible places and, by fact, the more affordable options would be those destinations nearby such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Yes, Thailand! My second favorite country, of course, next to the Philippines.  The country has a massive land area. But with the four times that I have been there, most of my adventures were spent only in Bangkok. In spite of it, I know that there are still numerous places to explore in the city of Big Mango.

I have overflowing stories to share about my trips to Bangkok, with brimming enthusiasm.  I have had several detailed blog posts about my trips since 2011, 2013 and 2014.  Although this post and the pictures you will be seeing are #throwback shots, I hope to still provide you with an overview of what the city has to offer and be able to inspire you to include Bangkok in your travel bucket list.  

2011 was the year when I unexpectedly have the opportune fate to step on the soils of Thailand for the very first time. Two years later, came in the second time still for a business trip.  And it was on January 2014 when I and my forever travel buddy have agreed to have an R&R in Bangkok for 4 days with shopping, of course, and a meet and greet session with Weir Sukollawat Kanaros in our itinerary. It was his first time in Bangkok and I was overjoyed that we have then fostered a common unfathomable appreciation with the city and the country.  Since the vacation felt fleeting, we decided to book another 5 days to Bangkok again on October 2014 primarily for cultural immersion and an exclusive meet and greet session with Weir Sukollawat Kanaros.  

The question now is: when is the next visit? The date is obscure but the yearning is deep-seated. Plans are already laid out while waiting for the activation of the green button.  I care less with #passportgoals.  I do not count the countries that I have conquered nor fervid with reckoning unique stamps, i.e. new countries, to my travel document.  What I always desire and I am consistent and persistent to it, is to travel r-e-p-e-a-t-e-d-l-y to the place that have deeply captivated my whole being.  That being said, let me share with you my out-and-out thoughts why Bangkok, Thailand is always on top of my choices of places to spend vacation abroad and why I am never fed up frequenting the Land of Smiles.

My unfiltered reasons why Bangkok, Thailand is always my place to be...

1. Because Thailand houses the many grandiose, intricately and exquisitely designed religious architectures which are the highest manifestation of the faith, art, and culture of the people of Thailand.  I immensely appreciate this kind of work of art as it fascinates my sense of sight and opens my mind to an unaccustomed reality.

These photos were taken inside Wat Pho during my January 2014 trip, see more HERE.

Here's a list of the temples that I have visited in Thailand:
1. The Grand Palace - June 2011, see HERE
2. Temple of the Golden Buddha / Traimit Witthayaran Temple - June 2011, see HERE
3. Wat Arun / The Temple of the Dawn - January 2014, see HERE
4. Wat Pho / Temple of the Reclining Buddha - January 2014, see HERE
5. Wat Phraek in Nonthaburi- January 2014, see HERE

I am ecstatic to visit more temples on our future escapades to Thailand.

 Photos below were taken at Wat Arun on January 2014

2. Because it is the supreme place to verify the authentic taste of Tom Yum Goong.  I have been ingesting this kind of soup since the dawn of the third millennium and my curiosity for the real deal was conclusively satiated on 2013.

Ordered this Tom Yum Goong at the airport while waiting for our flight back to the Philippines during our October 2014 travel

This is a fusion of Japanese and Thai cuisines = Ramen Tom Yung Goong at a restaurant in MBK Mall. This was the welcome dish that we ate upon our arrival during our October 2014 trip.

Ordered this Tom Yum Goong at Coconut Palm Restaurant during our Janaury 2014 travel

The very first Tom Yum Goong that I have tasted in Bangkok and it was unexpectedly the most sumptuous take on this Thai national dish.  It was on October 2013 at the Cool House Restaurant in Bueng Kum district in Bangkok.  You can see full restaurant review HERE.

3. Because Bangkok's version of Mister Donut doughnuts automatically induced obsesssion during my first bite on June 2011. I was extremely dumbfounded and vowed to always devour these doughnuts on my travels to Thailand.

The doughnut's (refering to the biggest doughnut on the photo below) taste is totally disparate to that of the Philippines' Mister Donut.  The taste is somewhat comparable to J.Co Donuts. But honestly, in my opinion, these Thailand doughnuts are more tasty than J.Co.  You should taste it in order to agree or gainsay my judgment.

4. Because my vacation budget has a long way to go.  It is one of the best shopping destinations where I can buy assortment of goodies from varied estabishments such as the typical department stores, malls, boutiques, pop-up shops, and differnt kinds of market (weekend, day, night).

Photos above and below were taken at Terminal 21 and around Siam Square during my October 2014 trip.

Photos above and below where taken from the shops at Chatuchak Weekend Market during my January 2014 travel

I had the in dire need to have a foolproof selfie of my shopping escapade at the Victory Monument street market

5. Because Street Foods are seemingly clean, attractively scrumptious, and indeed tasty.

6. Because Art comes in many forms, and you can have sigthings of these almost anywhere in the city.  My cravings for the arts are extremely sated every time I visit Bangkok.

Photos above and below were taken at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), where I always frequent during my trips to Thailand.  You can see more from my 2013 and 2014 art appreciation itineraries, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Outdoor art installation (Art of Escapism by Khao Mo 2013) as seen in the Park of Siam during our October 2014 trip; originally saw this installation during my October 2013 visit to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, see below photo

Sighted this elephant-shaped plant statue on the island of a main street in ithe city

Art installation on the connecting grounds between malls in Siam area

Window display in one of the boutiques in Siam Center, see more HERE.

Photos above and below were taken at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), where I always frequent during my trips to Thailand.  You can see more from my 2014 art-indulgent adventures,  HERE and HERE.

7. Because the soda drinks in chain restaurants (fastfood or casual dine-in) are served in drinking glass with tons of ice, such a thirst-quenching offer!

Above: Dinner at Pepper Lunch along Siam Square on our January 2014 travel;  Below: KFC lunch near Victory Monument station during our October 2014 trip.

8. Because Hello Kitty built a house there in Siam Square

Click HERE to see the cutesy all-pink cafe of Hello Kitty in Bangkok.

9. Because of the mouthwatering, irresistible Egg Tart from KFC!  Not forgetting to mention their fried chickens too, especially the chili ones: amazingly the tastiest! 

In comparison to the KFC from the other four countries that I have dined in: Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Qatar; Thailand's fried chicken recipe is the best-tasting, according to my judgment!  If you happen to visit Bangkok, be sure to eat at KFC to experience my KFC mania!

10. Because Thailand is the home of my favorite Thai actors and actresses. It is the country where they were born, where they grew up and become distinctly famous.

Since meeting in person was quite impossible during my 2013 travel, a photo session with the wax figures of my favorite (more mature) love team of Thailand at Madamme Tussauds Wax Musuem was satisfying: meet Anne Thongprasom and Ken Theeradej Wongpuapuan

11. Because it is apparent and maintained across the country: tradition meets innovation, antiquity collides with modernity and nature co-exists with technology.  I am impressed how such contradictions are sustained and effectively passed on from generation to generation.

 Unwinding at Lumphini Park, you can see more of it HERE during our October 2014 travel.

12. Because blending in with the locals is never a problem.  Excluding the language, Filipinos do have similarities with the Thais in appearance and especially the skin tone.  There were several instances that the locals have mistaken me as one of them, especially when I am mum on my approach and then I quickly declare: "English, please."

Shopping in busy markets day and night was always a satisfying and entertaining recreation during our trips to Bangkok.  Above photo was taken at Chatuchak Weekend Market during our January 2014 trip.  And I joined a public event of Weir Sukollawat Kanaros at a temple in Nonthaburi district, see below, with all strangers around me during our January 2014 trip. Click HERE and HERE to see more.
And one more thing, I already befriended a Thai and its one of the reasons why is it comforting to visit the country over and over. Her name is Sawanya Pimthong, you can see our photo together HERE.  

My trips to Bangkok on the year 2014 were never left unheard nor undocumented.  As I have stated earlier, I made several detailed blog posts reminiscing all memorable adventures I have had.  But that never stopped there. I made my trips go public by featuring my photos and my shopping stories in a local newspaper back in Cebu City, Philippines. See below photos of those newspaper features.

Featured above were some of the photos taken during our January 2014 trip. Click to see more HERE.

Unveiled my Bangkok shopping escapade last October 2014 in this feature, click HERE to see more.

Click the link below to read my post on:

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