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21 Things To-Do for 48-Hour Vacation in San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Planning a quick vacation to San Francisco? I am sharing in this post the places that we have visited for our 48-hour trip to this tourist-lover city of America.  
Here is a rundown of the 21 touristy things you can do while in San Francisco for an ephemeral trip.

1. Eat something Chinese for a very late night / wee-hour welcome meal to the city.

2. Book an entire house from AirBnB, to feel like home away from home.

3. When the weather is very cooperative, i.e. foggy-free day, the No. 1 Tourist Attraction to prioritize is the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!

Capture endless shots, from the right side of the bridge, to the left side, from the top, and even on the pedestrian lane on the bridge.  I did that! See all my photos.

4. Get slightly dizzy at the famous crooked LOMBARD STREET.