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How To Be Comfy Yet Chic to a Winter Vacation in Hong Kong

I always desire to have a winter vacation in Hong Kong.  Though, I actually have experienced it last 2013 with my family, see HERE,  but such desire never ceases and is always haunting me. Whenever December arrives, the hopes reach its acme. Thankfully,  January of this year, my wishful thinking and flaming desires turned to reality, again!

Taken at the Nan Lian Garden in Diamond Hill

Why have a Vacation on Winter time? 

Despite I easily get cold feet and hands when temperature drops, I am so in love with winter time as it provides an entirely fresh sense of being assuredly away from home, which screams, you're on vacation! And, the fact that winter does not visit the Philippines makes the season more exciting.  More so, dressing-up for a winter season is such a fun and stimulating activity.  Even the thought of wearing my boots certainly thrills me.

Early morning walk at the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui

Why Hong Kong?

As Hong Kong is just a 3-hour "affordable" flight from our city in the Philippines and it experiences the four kinds of seasons, this famous tourist destination is the number one in my list of go-to places for Winter!  Though my first travel to Hong Kong on 2007 did not leave any positive impressions,  but those opinions have changed after a few years as I began to be in so much awe with Hong Kong since 2013 then.  Aside from the many reasons to love Hong Kong, one thing is for sure: I love Shopping in Hong Kong. Fashion and trends sprouts from all shopping districts and these are reflected by the people who are mostly in striking, chic and sophisticated style.

Camouflaging at a famed wall art on the stretch of the Central-Mid Level Escalators in Hong Kong

Due to my travel experiences, I have somehow mastered to pack just the right  quantity and quality of clothes since I learned the hard way that planning ahead the itinerary and the clothing to match that itinerary is the number one travel packing tip!  

Travel Tips:
12 Travel Essentials to Pack for A Winter Vacation in Hong Kong

1. Plan your daily itinerary and plan an outfit to match those itineraries.
2. Check for the temperature of your travel dates to ensure that you are ready to fight the chilly weather.
3. Pack your light weight body warmers: long sleeves and leggings, you can purchase some of these at UNIQLO, made of good materials and certainly ultra light weight.
4. Bring some of your basics: your favorite denim jeans and plain tees that you may want to layer on.
5. Take with you some skirt or dresses to inject frills for some romantic moments or unexpected soiree.
6. A pair of sneakers and boots are good to go and remember to put on socks.
7. Coats, knit sweaters and even blazers can make you cozy and warm too.
8. Hats, beanies and ear muffs does not only protect the head and ears but also add some flair and glam to your outfit.
9. Squeeze in some accessories for a more interesting travel style.  Don't forget  to tote the most important winter accessory: the scarf!
10. To avoid unnecessary wrinkles from squinting, bring sunglasses. Despite that it is a freezing season, it does not mean that Mr. Sun will not surface, he sure does!
11. If you are not so into make-up, moisturizer and lip balms are still a must to beat the wintry temperature and to avoid flakes and cracks.
12. A sturdy bag that can secure all your essentials: gadgets, toiletries,  travel documents, wallets, etc. It is recommended that the bag must be light weight in material and with a strap long enough to be carried by the shoulders. A cross body bag is a better option too.

Unwinding at a small park opposite to The Whampoa in Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Question now is: 
how to remain chic yet still comfortable with your planned outfits while out and about in Hong Kong during a winter vacation?

At a playground adjacent to the Garden of the Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui 

 Style Tips:
Top 3 Secrets to Be Comfy yet Chic to a Winter Vacation in Hong Kong

1. Wear clothing that are winter-appropriate. Of course, you are to do so since your body will ultimately complain with that temperature plunge.  This will surely provide you optimum comfort.
2. Wear your personal style through your choice of winter outfits.  I am advocating color coherence with my own style and this is highly manifested with my daily wintry outfits.  I truly believe that color coordination is always a smart decision to appear instantly chic and fashionably harmonized.
3.  Wear clothing that provides your body  sufficient room for mobility.  Ensure your outfits are free from discomforts and are in good shape and fit as these parameters will blatantly exhibit cool (comfy) and sophistication (chic) in the way you communicate your style and personality with the fashion people of Hong Kong.

Posing in front of a mirror display in one of the boutiques at the Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay

Though we have only five days to explore the islands and districts of Hong Kong, but I have several outfit changes per day depending on the change in temperature, environment grumbles and the particular destination that we planned to traverse and enjoy.  Like for example, the mask above was not part of my original outfit, but I had to put it on since the whole area that we were wandering in one of the reputable districts of Hong Kong island was polluted with cigarette smoke. However, the mask complemented with the color scheme of my ensemble, a bonus for a funky and chic style.

At the grounds outside New Town Plaza in Sha Tin, Hong Kong

The outfit that I wore on the above photo was exactly the same outfit as with the topmost (first photo on this post) picture. Since the weather that time was still between 20-22 degrees Celsius, hence the supposed chilly wind was not that chilly after all.  So, I took off the long coat, rolled the  long sleeves of my two-tone dress, worn as a top,  into a quarter-sleeve to provide more air to my arms, draped a matchy scarf on my neck and tada! I created a whole new look.

At the Peak in Hong Kong Island

The bearable frosty weather permitted me to wear my skirts and dress with a length a little above and on top of the knee without leg warmers underneath.  But I still put on some socks to reduce the chills isolated on my feet.

At Kowloon Park in Kowloon, Hong Kong

I love textures and anything that glitters as these emit vibrancy to any outfit.  Hence, I did not miss those sparkles on to my outfit and strutted them on a day stroll at the park.

A chilly night stroll along 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui

Traveling during winter to your favored destination is always a fascinating and celebrated experience.  The unfamiliar weather, the cultural immersion,  the bustling and vibrant day-to-night districts, the portrayal of the fashion conscious and style adamant in the streets and the melange of calm and chaotic urban life establishes Hong Kong as one of my top 3 places to frequent for-e-ver.  And more to that, Hong Kong also grants me reasons to play dress-up for a season that comes in to my life when only sought for.

Hope to have shared some useful travel and style tips.

Travel and Live in style, everyday!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How I Spent The First Six Months of 2017: Lucky 14 Feat

What have I been up to for the first six months of this year:

1. Concluded my "a-decade-and-one"-year  full-time day job.

It hurts to say good bye. The cut is unfathomable.  But life is about priorities and the biggest decision I  had to make was realized by sacrificing the career I held so dear with paramount dedication and pride.  But I have no regrets of leaving it all behind.

2. Transferred to a whole new world, "a dazzling place I never knew"...

3. Re-awakened my artistic soul.

 My DAISO haul of art stuff and washi tapes for my journal.

My  work of art, a water color painting which I entitled " BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER FLY TOGETHER" - with reference to the famous idiom.

4. Journalized my daily life accomplishments.

Colored pens, stickers, gifted and purchased washi tapes and my daily life stories in the decorated notebook.

5. Summoned the poet in me.

To announce to the world that I am officially missing my mother so badly and to show my endless gratitude, I composed a poem dedicated to the best mother in the world: my mom for this year's Mother's Day celebration.  And this was shared publicly in social media but my mom have read it post Mother's Day.

6. Charmed for a day and enjoyed a night to a free child-oriented show.

GHINWA is a character that lives the sweetest and wildest adventures in every play. GHINWA is a household name as it is famous among kids across the middle east.

One of the perks of winning complementary tickets is being able to sit in the front / first row and to have a closer view and shot of the artist. 

7.  Reveled in the classroom set-up to acquire new knowledge from various fields of learning.

The primary reason of enrolling in short courses was not for the gain of knowledge from seemingly new fields, BUT, to satisfy my then hunger for human interactions. 

And of course, I finally met fresh acquaintances and developed a new network with individuals I can call my mentors, classmates and friends.

8. Resurfaced my non-diligent and competitive (to oneself) persona and culminated my selected short trainings with flying colors.  See my "style tips"  HERE, on What to Wear for a Non-Toga Graduation Ceremony.

I am proud of these Filipinos who believed that "learning is a never ending process".  I am honestly touched and moved by all of their hunger for knowledge, thirst for excellence and burning desires to become better versions of their current selves.

9. Reactivated my blogger self and revamped my existing varied platform blogs.

As a home-bound human being for the past six months, rekindling the blogger in me has been a blessing in disguise as it gave me a preoccupation and a sense of productivity.  I am entertained juggling posts and it has been more of a challenge than a stress of maintaining my blogs.  And since I have a heap of backlogs (which only me knows), hence, I still have more stories to share in the coming months.

10. Established a new blog with a downright topic of ubiquitous relevance to my status quo.

Yes, and it is the 6th. It has been published to total strangers only since I have not shared the link to this blog to the people in my circle.  As of to date there are only 3 posts and I am uncertain yet as to when is the next.

11. Improved my socialization skills via the world wide web and transformed those virtual acquaintances to tangible human interactions.

Meeting fellow Filipino bloggers and Filipino citizens during the Philippine Independence Day Celebration 2017.

12. Reached out to creative people with analogous visions and voices; "we collectively identify ourselves as blogger / vlogger."

It was an extreme pleasure to have shared the floor with Sir Zeke Tunay of BestLifeQatar and to finally meet him in person.  His talk on HOW TO START A BLOG was enlightening and motivating. He introduced his fellow Filipino bloggers (us) and their (our) respective blogs.  The blog that was shared by Sir Zeke was my I DRESS-UP AND EAT blog. I was faintly dumbfounded when he mentioned my blog and called out my name. But I stood up beside him and started to talk as it was the opportune moment to finally introduce briefly my food blog to new set of individuals who share similar interest in blogging. I sure learned a lot Sir Zeke! You can read HERE for his blog post on the event.  

Also, overjoyed to have meet, finally, my Instagram friend: Lenny of I was also able to get to know Darlene too of and Sir Frank, the vlogger behind Frank Dizon Films.

13. Came out of my soft shell and (14.) steadied reinventing myself!

The past six months have endowed me thousands of minutes for me-time which allowed me to re-evaluate what have I become and to establish concrete plans for a better version of my current self.  These accomplishments may appear trivial and mediocre to some, but for me, these are epoch-making!

My new journey has just began... and I am thrilled to where this adventure will lead me. 

Live life to the fullest and live in style, everyday!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Engagement Fashion Styling: Ryan & Celeste

Sharing in this post the fashion styling I have done a year ago for the engagement photo shoot of my former officemate and friend, CELESTE and her husband, RYAN.

I have prepared four fashion styling sets basing on the couple's preferences. Each set incorporated the color coherence element from my personal fashion advocacy.  Enjoy the beautiful photos and hope you can take some inspiration on these concepts for your future engagement photo shoots.  You can see the complete photos from the photographer's website HERE.

"all about midnight blue, a touch of white and sparkle of pearls"

"all about coral, salmon and some khaki"

"all about the white shirt love, that denim love, puppy love and with shades on"

"for the amour of lavender, some florals and hints of country and vintage"


Mildred Zapanta-Capuyan of PAISLEY FIELDS PHOTOS 
(IG: @paisleyfieldsphotos / @dredreveries)

Fashion Styling: 

Yours truly for SIGH STYLES ( IG: @sighstyles101 )
assisted by Dani ( IG: @chartreusity )

For your fashion / wardrobe styling needs for engagement / pre-debut / pre-birthday photo shoots,  email me at

Live in style, everyday!