Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sigh Styles for Sunstar - Promoting Skin Whitening Products of Beautiful Horizon

It's the newest direct selling company in town and originated from the Queen City of the South - Cebu.  Launched on October 19, 2013, this direct selling company has catered the intelligent buyers of beauty products from color cosmetics, personal care, skin care and facial care.  Beautiful Horizon also offers food supplements, laundry and toilet products.  This DS company also provides new products to the baby and kids market!

I organized a photo shoot for Beautiful Horizon, primarily for the Skin Whitening line.

The shoot was scheduled on October 15, 2013.  
Remember this day? This was one of the days that all Visayans dreaded.  The 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Bohol and affected the neighboring islands, and Cebu was not an exemption.  Our call time was 7:30 a.m., of course, I was the most punctual since I was the organizer.  And everyone else was late because of the earthquake.  Thank God no one turned down his / her responsibilities that day.  We successfully finished the shoot despite of the ongoing tremors that day.

These are the products that are being highlighted in this Sunstar feature.  
Introducing the Skin Whitening line of Beautiful Horizon: 
GlutaBright Lotion and Soap, BioWhite Lotion and Soap and KojiLght Lotion and Soap.

The feature made it on print only on November 30, 2013, it was quite delayed because the aftermath of the earthquake was overwhelming. 

Below are the photos that were printed on the newspaper.


This is the enlarged photo on the feature, taken by photographer REY PEPITO.

The rest of the photos you will see were all captured by JOFAX SAN GABRIEL JANABAN.

 Here are the other photos from the beautiful photo shoot.

I am always amazed by my model as she can gracefully and beautifully transform from one look to another, that is, from a teenybopper appeal to one seductive chic lady and to an elegant goddess after.  Such a very versatile model.

Credits to the following superb and talented individuals for doing so great during the shoot.

Photography by:

My ever-gorgeous Model:

MY trusted hair and make-up artist:

Clothes by:

Fashion Styling / Background Set-up:
Yours truly for SIGHSTYLES

By the way, you can check out more photos HERE.

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