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Sigh Styles for SunStar's Concept: EMERALD

Part of my plan in building up my portfolio as a Fashion Stylist is to be able to have my works be printed or seen in any publications, initially, by a local publishing house. With my efforts to have this plan - slash - dream to come into realization, I contacted someone from SunStar, with no single chance yet of getting a Yes.  I guess, the nod is not luck; but this is what I get from crossing boundaries and being intrepid in all circumstances I allow myself to be involved.  I was then assigned with the topic on EMERALD, as it is the color of the year, way back February.  But it was only on April that the shoot was done.  And weeks later, the paper was out with the fruits of our labor on it.
Hope you will appreciate my outputs.  I honestly take pride in these.
EMERALD by Sigh Styles

The first TWO photos below are my shots that were published at SunStar - see above - April 26, 2013 issue.

I prepared FIVE outfits for this photo shoot but only THREE were utilized.  We had to do it in haste fo…

Sigh Styles Concept: Black and White Night

This photo shoot was really challenging. Main reason, why? It's because, this was my first time to do a photo shoot with a "6:00 p.m." lighting.  It was indeed tough for a neophyte, like me, in photography. I was gasping.

My models are still Hazel de Gracia Espinar and Kenia de Gracia.  These two have high propensity for modelling, they will have a bright future for this career.

This is part 2 of the shoot I had with them last April -
 FOR THE LOVE OF BLACK & WHITE Collection of Chic Vintage.

Fashion Styling by yours truly.

What I thought to be an insurmountable challenge, turned out to be one great avenue for my creativity to be exhausted.  These outputs may not yet be the best, but at least I gracefully executed my task that night.  I am excited though to do more of like this in the future, to further master my night photography skills. :)

Hair and Make-up by Model: Hazel
Clothes and Accessories: Chic Vintage

Sigh Styles Now In Print

This is Sigh Styles first-ever feature on a local newspaper famously called SunStar

The photo shoot feature is a collaboration of talents: 
Fashion Styling: Sigh Styles Photography: Ken Suarez, Edcel Ceniza & CA*Photography Hair and Make-up: Dani Alcedera Muse of the Emerald Concept: Anne May Amor Naquines
Dresses by Chic Vintage
Thank you to Ms. Kara Mae Noveda of Sunstar for the opportunity.