Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sigh Styles for SunStar's Concept: MAKING THE BRAID

I was tasked again by SunStar to do another photo shoot, this time on different hair braid styles.  And definitely I said YES. I had no problem as to who will be my muse as I already had prior talks with one of the daughter's of my mom's friend.  Her name is MARY GRACE and she's really prepared for modeling, with that ideal statuesque, with long sleek hair, pristine white skin, lean yet chic figure and that pretty face. And she's another add-on to Sigh Style's list of break-out talents.

I prepared 8 hair braid styles and 3 hair stylists for this shoot. We completed the photo shoot in 4 hours. 
Only 5 hair braid styles were featured in SunStar's August 16, 2013 issue in Shopping Bag spread.




4. SEMI-PUNK BRAID (I just named this)





As I said, among the 8 hair braid styles, only the first 5 styles were featured.
The photos below are the shots that made it on print.

Photography, Fashion Styling and Make-up by Yours truly for SIGH STYLES.
A one-man show right? :)
This is my first make-up project and I'm quite satisfied with my output.  I really intended to have a light make-up look so that the face will not over-power the hair. 

All clothes worn by the model are from CHIC VINTAGE.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sigh Styles: Pre-Birthday Shoot - The Little Princess in Red

I love giving gifts in the form of sharing my skills and the craft that I am trying my best to master.  One simplest yet coming-from-the-heart present is to give a pre-birthday photo shoot.  Last April, if you can remember HERE, I gave my friend a fashion make-over and with a conceptual photo shoot, only for her.  

This time, it's for the birthday of my loveliest niece.  She had turned five last August 3.  Her name is Mariah Arabella and she has graced this blog sometime last February, as seen HERE.  She's so fun to shoot as she modeled like a pro.  She followed the poses that I taught her and she even has her own interpretation which tripled the fun.

The is the first photo shoot after Sigh Styles turned 1.

A drama princess in-the-making.

She's bubbly and irresistible. 

She oozes with charm, and not to mention her wits!

That innocent look.

Her vibrant spirit and seemingly full-fledged adult behavior leads me to think she's accelerated her age quadruple times.

But looking at this picture, my heart is squeezed and I'm taken back to reality: 
sh'es still a  5-year old and just enjoying one of the fun moments of her life.

Hope you get inspired with this posting.  Why not give your special someone extraordinary presents on their most special day?

Are you interested to let me help you out in giving pre-birthday shoot for your nieces? or any relatives? Just email me at sighstyles@gmail.com
or comment on this post.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sigh Styles turns ONE - plus HUMAN HEART NATURE Collaboration

SIGH STYLES is 1 year and 2 months old as of this posting. 
I have not done nor prepared a photo shoot to celebrate Sigh Style's paper anniversary on June.  It was a bit sad not being able to celebrate, as the first year was fruitful and I believe my outputs deserve to have more than just a rewind.  But reality bites.  My circumstances did hinder the plan for a special shoot.

Then June ended, July came and now it's August.

The second week of August is a one of the weeks that I had to rejoice, fashion-wise.  The photo shoot that was done last March of this year was finally out.  The photo shoot was a collaboration of talents for the brand awareness campaign for HUMAN HEART NATURE.

The photo shoot would conclude the first year of Sigh Styles.  
What a colorful curtain call and seemingly a rainbow-filled opening to a brighter new year for Sigh Styles.

The inspiration for this photo shoot is NEON, hence all styling is always with a touch of neon.

Wonderful photos by ANNE LORRAINE UY
Modelled and Make-up by DIVINE ORLINA TAYRUS
Fashion Styling by Yours truly for SIGH STYLES

You can also check out HERE for Anne's blogpost about this collaboration for Human Heart Nature brand awareness campaign.

My friends at the office were more than willing to share some of their "masterpieces" for this photo shoot:
R2S Origami for the neon rose bouquet
Lorelie Opo  and Laiza Ursal for the neon orange ribbon and neon faux crystal bead cuffs
Cebu fashion blogger, Mildred Zapanta-Capuyan of dredreveries.blogspot.com for lending me her tribal bead necklace and floral stilettos.
Celeste Pineda of Fab'Les for the neon playful bracelets

Thanks to all these ladies who made this shoot all soo possible, and again most especially to 
ANNE LORRAINE UY for inviting me as the fashion stylist.

It was my greatest pleasure and honor to have worked with the best female talents of Cebu to date, ANNE LORRAINE in the field of PHOTOGRAPHY and DIVINE in the MAKE-UP industry.

Special thanks to AILEEN ANTENOR of HUMAN HEART NATURE for the products that she has given for us to try out.  Their products are really good, not to mention they are natural, hence, safe.

By the way, if you would like to be dealer for Human Heart Nature, you can contact Aileen at 0932 559 9313 or aileen.antenor@gmail.com. The HN Mandaue branch is also looking for sales representatives, just drop your resume at their branch: G/F Orchard Hotel on A.S. Fortuna St.

Cheers to the year that was, and hallelujah for another promising year.