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Sigh Styles for SunStar's Concept: MAKING THE BRAID

I was tasked again by SunStar to do another photo shoot, this time on different hair braid styles.  And definitely I said YES. I had no problem as to who will be my muse as I already had prior talks with one of the daughter's of my mom's friend.  Her name is MARY GRACE and she's really prepared for modeling, with that ideal statuesque, with long sleek hair, pristine white skin, lean yet chic figure and that pretty face. And she's another add-on to Sigh Style's list of break-out talents.

I prepared 8 hair braid styles and 3 hair stylists for this shoot. We completed the photo shoot in 4 hours. 
Only 5 hair braid styles were featured in SunStar's August 16, 2013 issue in Shopping Bag spread.




4. SEMI-PUNK BRAID (I just named this)





As I said, among the 8 hair braid styles, only the first 5 styles were featured.
The photos below are the shots that made it on print.

Photography, Fashion Styling and Make-up by Yours truly for SIGH STYLES.
A one-man show right? :)
This is my first make-up project and I'm quite satisfied with my output.  I really intended to have a light make-up look so that the face will not over-power the hair. 

All clothes worn by the model are from CHIC VINTAGE.


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