Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sigh Styles Concept for Sunstar: Plus Size is In

Gone are the days when the "curvy" ladies are hiding in their shells.  Everyone is equally treated now.  The big and small are now sharing the same spotlight.
I have been contributing to SUNSTAR newspaper since 2013 and have styled and photographed models that have skinny figures.  Last April of this year, I realized, why not feature a 'curvy' model and explore the fashion of plus sizes.

I was overwhelmed to get another nod by Ms. Kara Mae Noveda to do a photo shoot for PLUS SIZE Fashion which was featured in SUNSTAR newspaper - Shopping Bag section on May 23, 2014.

The next 5 photos below made it on print.
My styling for this Plus Size concept encompasses the idea of the body as a canvass to express one's self through fashion and strut daily that exuding confidence, telling the world, who cares if I'm not skinny.
Being chubby or plump or obese is not a hindrance to look good and feel good about oneself.  And in fashion, being overweight is no longer a problem.  Fashion brands now offer a motley of clothing for the multiple-X-L size.

In dressing-up for your curves, one must always remember to choose clothing that will complement your body shape and size and of course, your personality.  Choose a style that will define you, not destroy you.  

Dressing appropriately is always a number one consideration, i.e., dress according to the occasion, to the event, to the crowd you will be with and even to the weather.

Meet ROSECEL, my 18-year-old cousin, who is the perfect model for this concept.

Rosecel has always been a support as she is the resident assistant to the fashion stylist of Sigh Styles and has somehow learned the rudiments of fashion styling.

I dearly hope you have learned something from this styling stint. To all 'curvy' ladies out there, be inspired, buy that dress you always wanted from your favorite shop, take out those pretty heels and DRESS TO IMPRESS and DRESS TO EXPRESS!

Fashion Styling, HMUA and Photography:

Clothes by CYECLE
Necklace - 1st/2nd/4th photo by SUGAR KISSED

Do keep coming back for more of my styling stints.

Live in style, everyday!


  1. I love the dress in the first picture :)