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Sigh Styles: Pre-Birthday Shoot - The Little Princess in Red

I love giving gifts in the form of sharing my skills and the craft that I am trying my best to master.  One simplest yet coming-from-the-heart present is to give a pre-birthday photo shoot.  Last April, if you can remember HERE, I gave my friend a fashion make-over and with a conceptual photo shoot, only for her.  

This time, it's for the birthday of my loveliest niece.  She had turned five last August 3.  Her name is Mariah Arabella and she has graced this blog sometime last February, as seen HERE.  She's so fun to shoot as she modeled like a pro.  She followed the poses that I taught her and she even has her own interpretation which tripled the fun.

The is the first photo shoot after Sigh Styles turned 1.

A drama princess in-the-making.

She's bubbly and irresistible. 

She oozes with charm, and not to mention her wits!

That innocent look.

Her vibrant spirit and seemingly full-fledged adult behavior leads me to think she's accelerated her age quadruple times.

But looking at this picture, my heart is squeezed and I'm taken back to reality: 
sh'es still a  5-year old and just enjoying one of the fun moments of her life.

Hope you get inspired with this posting.  Why not give your special someone extraordinary presents on their most special day?

Are you interested to let me help you out in giving pre-birthday shoot for your nieces? or any relatives? Just email me at
or comment on this post.


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