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Pink Philosophy: How to Be Subtle Yet Obvious in Ballet Slippers and There's More To It Than Just Being Skin-Deep Kawaii

Wait... I am not a ballerina!  

So, what's the fuss with ballet slippers in my title? I'm not going to talk about "that" footwear in this post.  The world of fashion has baptized new names to the colors of the rainbow by associating it with things we are familiar with, like for example: yellow to Butterscotch, gray to Pebble and yes, pink to Ballet Slippers.

My vacation to the Philippines last August, has given me the chance to reunite with my wardrobe, which I missed seriously, play dress-up and be all out in my favorite Ballet Slippers = Pink!  

Here's my take on one of A/W 2017 colorsBallet Slippers, subtly monochromatic yet still obviously color-coordinated in pink, right?

But honestly, there's more to the color pink than just being on trend now and leaving an image of skin-deep bubbliness and irresistibly kawaii.

My Pink Philosophy:

Pink has always been a color identified to Barbie and for anything girly and youthful.  Despite being 20 years junior to the actual creation date of Barbara Millicent Roberts, a.k.a. Barbie,  I still regard pink as a perpetual color for all ages of the human population.  Why?  Because the color pink is no longer isolated to a certain age bracket nor linked to a specific gender. With massive influences from the fashion industry, traditional norms are circumvented.  Even the gentleman now can strut leisurely in pink and the "Advanced Style" of the matriarchs and the golden-ager femme is richly saturated with pink soiree from cotton candy to magenta.  The color is here to stay and pink movement substantially lingers like Chanel No.5.

My Pink Philosophy:

I'd like to adopt this cliche: "Think Pink".

Admittedly, my first impression with the color pink, in my salad days, is superficial.  As my years glided fast forward while tagging along my relentless propensities with the color; I have strongly considered pink as the color of confidence (embracing my feminality and distinctiveness) and empowerment (absorbing the idea that only my ego can intimidate me and persistently challenging myself: if they can do it, why can't I? or even do better?).  What are your thoughts with the color pink?  

What I Wore:
dress (worn as skirt) - unbranded / textured top with floral appliques - undranded / bag - Coach / flamingo sandals - Katie Judith / sunglasses - Forever 21 / "Love" earrrings - Siam Street Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Pink for October:

Today marks the first day of October.  Since pink is the color for the month of October to signify awareness to breast cancer, this post is dedicated to all the formidable women who graciously fought and is still fighting for survival.  I also salute the women who continue to remain indefatigable in amplifying the consciousness in the battle with breast cancer.  Pink is indeed a soft color but a firm symbol of a woman's strength to conquer all odds.  It is as well a holistic insignia of hope that at the end of the tunnel there is a blinding light to a brighter life.

What I Wore:
dress (worn as skirt) - unbranded / macrame top - G. Metro Department Store / bag - Victoria's Secret / bejewelled thong sandals & sunglasses - G. Country Mall Department Store 

I am sharing here some Style Tips that you may want to try on when you decide for a monochromatic outfit either in pink or any of your favorite hue:

1.) You can wear pink, monochromatically head-to-toe, either of the same shade or of the same tint. But, you can also follow what I did with my styling for both looks: 

1.1. Wear a plain shade or a tint of pink + pair it with something printed, but make sure the print has the pink color too (see photo further above).
1.2. Wear a plain shade of pink + pair it with a plain tint of pink (see photo above).

2.) When it comes to sleeveless dresses, you can maximize the functionality of the fashion item by wearing it as a skirt too.  In my styling for both looks, I wore my dress underneath my tops and made it appear as a skirt.

3.) For bag as an accessory and to complement an outfit; it is equally important to consider the bag's color (plain or printed) to pull out a dandy, not shabby, look:

3.1. If your outfit is all out printed or even if either the top or the bottom is printed, use a bag that is plain in color or opt for very minimal prints with the same color palette to your clothing.
3.2. If your outfit is entirely plain, it is best to tote a printed bag with a similar hue to your clothing to give more contrast and excitement to your fairly monotonous ensemble.

Hope to have shared some useful styling tips and thoughts to ponder on.

Looking for more styling tips? Click HERE to see and know more tips from me.

Think Pink and Live in YOUR style, every day!


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