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Exploring the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

As tourists, it is but normal to always visit the top tourist destinations of the place where you are traveling to especially if it is your first time in that particular city / country.  So when we have the best chance to explore the capital of the state of Georgia, U.S.A. which is Atlanta, travel recommendation list for the top places to see in Atlanta have led us to step into the WORLD OF COCA-COLA!

Here's a quick overview of this famous attraction in Atlanta:

The World of Coca-Cola is a museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, showcasing the history of The Coca-Cola Company. Wikipedia
Address121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
OpenedAugust 3, 1990
The original World of Coca-Cola saw around nine million visitors during its years of operation, becoming Atlanta's most visited indoor

It was a bright, sunny, seemingly chilly Sunday morning when we arrived Atlanta.  Parking was not that convenient. Though we were lucky enough to have still found a slot at the designated parking area which was more than a hundred steps walk from the grounds of the Coca-Cola museum.  

COKE / COCA-COLA has always been a favorite soda drink of mine and my family and maybe the world!  And the feeling of being able to know the history of this famous drink from an institution (museum), that was built solely dedicated for it, is beyond compelling. It has been such an overwhelming experience for me to be able to travel this far and see and enjoy places that I never thought of stepping my foot on. And that includes now, the World of Coca-Cola.

Let me take you inside the wonderful and amazing WORLD OF COCA-COLA through the pictures that I have snapped during the entire museum trip.

From the facade of the musuem, you can obviously tell you that you will be entering the realm of Coke and I was thrilled!

My photos are arranged according to the the different sections of the musuem.  Starting from the main entrance to the final exit door.  Enjoy!

The queue was not that long and special thanks to my cousins for treating us with the tickets!

After purchasing tickets, just follow the trail and you will reach this semi-concierge area, where beautiful ladies are handing you bottled coke, in super red color and cute size, which you will see further below.  What a welcome treat!  This area of the museum is officially called the LOBBY.

Continue following the crowd and you will enter the LOFT.  Take time to appreciate the beautifully painted oversized coke bottles.  Super-sized art!

This is the LOFT, where a mini orientation is conducted on how the museum trip will go about.  

Remember the bottled coke that was handed at the entrance lobby?  This was it!  So cute and so red.  I opened it and sipped a bit coke since I was somewhat thirsty! And all of us did open and drank the coke.  Wanna take it home with me!  But later you will know why it did not make it home to the Philippines. 

The tourists were gathered and listened attentively to the staff.  She also had a brief talk on the history of coke by making use of the art works hanged on the walls.

After the LOFT, we were led to a mini-cinema to watch more marketing / inspiring stories about Coke.  This area is called the COCA-COLA THEATER.  It took some few minutes again.  After which, we already have the freedom as to which section of the museum we would want to go next, in our own pace and order.  Though, one should not go immediately to the "TASTE IT" area, see further below, as this will lead you the the first exit!

More oversized painted coke bottles! This one is definitely inspired by the Chinese, which closely resembles to a Chinese jar we had back home in the Philippines.

My OOTD at the World of Coca-Cola. Went almost head-to-toe in magenta and cobalt. It was still quite chilly that time as the spring season had just crawled in, hence the scarf.

We were now off to the first section that we decided to explore.  But!  The signage tells us to leave behind the RED Coke bottle that we received from the concierge.  Hence, as I said earlier, I was not able to take home with me that so red and so cute coke bottle! 

Next stop, POP CULTURE GALLERY section of the museum!

Then we decided to check out the 4-D THEATER! Queue was quite long but there were many rows to line up for which led us to the doors that open directly to our seats!

I did capture some shots from the 4-D show but all were so blurry, not worthy of sharing.  My bad.  It was my first time to be on 4-D and I was both ecstatic and panicky.  But in the end, I had a great loud laugh with the family. And whoa!; what an experience!

The next section we were headed to was the most intriguing one. It is called THE VAULT OF THE SECRET FORMULA!  And I think I know what's in there.

We were about to discover and unleash the secrets of the formulation of Coke!   I had to take down notes seriously!

But, in the end, I did not take down notes.  I managed to take some photos but with respect and in compliance to the forewarning (see below photo) from the Coca-Cola museum, I had to oblige. Hence, I am not sharing in this blog post or anywhere else online those photos that I captured inside The Vault.  

Though, expectedly, the secret formulation was never revealed inside The Vault.  Their secret is still safe.  Of course, who would reveal such confidential formulation that's worth billions to date?

The photo below is the COCA-COLA PORTRAIT WALL which we never had the chance of exploiting it. I did not even know what this area was for until I have done my research for this blog post now.  Good that I took a snapshot of it.

Second to the last but not the least section that we explored and which I also consider this as one very interesting spot of the museum - the TASTE IT! area.

This is the best ultimate place to have a taste of the different drinks manufactured by the Coca-Cola company around the world!  It feels like being in a number of countries at one single moment of your life.

It was a nonpareil experience where I was just wowed with some familiar (acceptable) and some exotic (somewhat less tolerable but undoubtedly unique) tastes offered by different countries as manfactured by the Coca-Cola company.

After getting "drunk" from sipping all those versions of coke, fanta, sprite and etc drinks, where you will go next and what you will see next is this gigantic bottling area which leads you to a queue and a sign which says: EXIT.

And guess what?!  You are not going to leave the musuem empty-handed! They are sharing a bottle of coke to each one who exits at the first exit from the World of Coca-Cola.  What a sweet treat and delightful gesture!  The bottle that I received though did not make it as a memorabilia from the museum since no one can really resist drinking a bottle of coke!

After the exit, which I consider the first exit, is the entrance to the COCA-COLA STORE.

Lots and lots of Coca-Cola merchandise to choose from as souvenirs!

Having selected and decided to buy what items to take home, we headed for the cashier and paid for my pencils, some magnets and key chains.  And I felt a pinch of sadness when the door after the check-out station was the one and only main door leading to the FINAL EXIT.

And the trip to the WORLD OF COCA-COLA was concluded by a mini shopping at the souvenir store.  The last photo I captured below was the same part of the museum I also photographed upon our entry to the LOBBY.  But this time, I shoot this photo from the outside of the barricaded area.

The musuem has actually lucky thirteen sections that one can enjoy exploring: 
1. Lobby
2. Loft
3. Coca-Cola Theater
4. Vault of the Secret Formula
5. Milestones of Refreshment
6. Bottle Works
7. Coca-Cola Polar Bear
8. 4-D Theater
9. Coca-Cola Portrait Wall
10. Pop Culture Gallery
11. Perfect Pauses Theater
12. Taste It!
13. Coca-Cola Store

However, we only managed to tour and experience nine (9) sections:
LOBBY, LOFT, COCA-COLA THEATER, POP CULTURE GALLERY,  4-D THEATER, VAULT OF THE SECRET FORMULA, COCA-COLA PORTRAIT WALL, TASTE IT!, COCA-COLA STORE. But it was still a fun-filled escapade worth reminiscing and repeating in the near future ( I have to check out the other sections of the museum and buy more pencils!).

Hope you have enjoyed this online visual trip to the World of Coca-Cola!  If you have plans of traveling to Atlanta, be sure to include the museum in your itinerary!  I highly recommend.

Travel, Share your experiences and Live in YOUR style, every day!


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