Friday, May 12, 2017

Second, and Last Styling Stint for Beautiful Horizon Inc.

It has been ages since my last blog post.
But, hey, I am back and I have a number of stories that I want to share.

This post is about my last styling stint for Beautiful Horizon Inc., the direct selling sister company of the company that I worked for more than a decade.  See HERE to refresh you.  I emphasized that this was the last styling stint I did for them, for two reasons: (1) BHI decided to move to Manila and set-up the main office there; and (2) it has been three months since I finally disconnected myself from that company I loved for quite a long, long period.

I am sharing to you now the three looks I was told to prepare with a short notice.  But only two of the ensemble made it on print.  See the printed shots from the brochure and leaflets and the BTS during the actual photo shoot.  

The first look - as pictured above, made it on print on the quarterly issued brochure.  

I honestly can no longer remember if I was instructed with a theme for each ensemble.  But considering previous shoot, see HERE, I did for the same teen cologne products, and the same model too, so I decided to prepare those outfits perfect for a sweet teenager and at the same time still complementing with the three variants of the cologne brand I HEART YOU.

The second look - as pictured above, made it on print too, on the monthly leaflet.  

The third look that I prepared did not make it on print, however they sometimes reserve it for future use.  See the cute outfit below.

There were three photo shoots successively done that afternoon.  Good that my session was second on the list so I made it home early.

If you have been following this blog and have been reading my posts, you may have known that Fashion Styling is not my profession but my Avocation.  Yes, I have spent time, efforts and money for this hobby, turned avocation and later on somewhat part-time means of generating meager income.  I have not done fashion styling stints for other individuals for more than a year now and I in direly miss preoccupying myself with such creative activity.  I do hope that in the near future, I may revive this passion for fashion styling and share my skills to those people who needed my services or simply those who are willing to accept my style tips.

Live in style, everyday!

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