Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sigh Styles Concept for Sunstar: Black & White for S/S 2014

The world was created round and filled with bright, lively colors and ephemeral shades and tints. But as they say, like repels like and the opposites attract. The intensity of the contrast is all that really counts.  SighStyles  again, is featured in Sunstar - Shopping Bag section entitled: OPPOSITES ATTRACT, highlighting the eternal black and white color cocktail.

I have always been head over heels with black and white, so much so, that I wanted to share my personal favorite to the fashion-savvy audience.  I know for one that with my sporadic contribution in Sunstar will be one great avenue to express my paramount fondness of this B&W palette.  .
I have a number of late-night sleeps in pursuing this black and white concept for the local newspaper.  It started in the later months of last year.  While I was browsing over for the fall /winter trends, I was the happiest when Black and White was one of the trends of the seasons.  So the planning happened instantly.  Getting an approval was not considered then a hindrance since I was confident that I would get a yes, again.  And, as expected, a Yes was received.  Wardrobe was not a problem at all since my closet is filled with black and white clothing.  Now, the who's who and the where and when, came drifting.  

The next six photos below made it on print.  This is my first, photo shoot that covered a number of locations and almost a month in search for the right locales and perfect timing.

The first two photos below were shot in Bangkok, Thailand.  Left - at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre and one the Right - at Wat Pho Temple.  I intended the background to be colorful, to play contrast with the achromatic outfit. The next set of photos were snapped in SRP.  It was such a windy afternoon, so we ended the shoot shortly after two outfit changes since rain drops begun to fall. The greenery did amazingly help popped the color combo beautifully.

This photo was taken in another location at Naga, Cebu.  

And this again is another locale. We hopped on another island, in Lapu-Lapu City.

The clothes in this feature  are available at cyEcle.
 BLACK + WHITE collection is a parcel of cyEcle's recent re-launch online.
Explore the hand-picked BLACK and WHITE collection at cyEcle.
BLACK and WHITE is a perpetual classic trend in fashion and seems to be a merge of androgyny and simplicity. Despite being basic, there's nothing more chic than it, would you agree?
Not only is BLACK and WHITE super easy to style, but it gives you that understated guarantee to make you look instantly stylish and irresistibly dashing.
In the contrary, do you think this monochromatic combo stands for boring? I highly disagree.  If this palette is worn intelligently, you would look voguish and will exude an undeniable elegance and fashionable grace.
This photo was taken at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. See more photos of BACC here and here.
This photo was taken at Wat Arun Temple.  See more photos of Wat Arun here.

If you are not a fan of black and white, I guess it is high time now to challenge yourself and put on that yin-yang pieces. Stand out and there's no harm to think Parisian chic.

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Do keep coming back for more of my styling stints. 

Live in style every day!

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